Skulls Costumes

Don’t hesitate to take advantage of every moment that life offers you to express yourself freely, so if you are offered an invitation to attend a skulls costumes party, accept it and when the time comes to get your costume, don’t think twice about it and get your skull costume as soon as possible.

On the other hand, buying this type of costume will be a lot of fun, since each costume that our store has, is made in such a way that choosing a specific one will be a challenge, since its prints and characteristics will make you want to take them all, so have fun choosing the one you like best. Do you want to have fun with your friends one day in a special way? Put on the skull suit and scare people, they will have a great time

From Anglo-Saxon customs like celebrating Halloween entered the lifestyle of many people worldwide have become very popular, resulting in other types of celebrations such as the current Day of the Dead in Mexico. This day commemorated the dead, but it was not a world-renowned holiday as it is today, a product of the mixing of cultures. Now, as the last days of October approach, it is normal to see both women and men dressed in incredible skull costumes, commemorating the holy death, but where does this costume come from?

What many don’t know is that both the costume and the very interesting masks that people usually wear on these dates represent a particular character and if your taste for skulls goes beyond that and you have read or composed literary skulls then you will know who they represent very accurately. Exactly, La Catrina.

The Catrina is the death in the body of a beautiful woman, although in many occasions it is represented by a skull with showy colors. The Catrina is also known as the Bone or simply the Death. It is a literary character and illustrated by the great Jose Guadalupe Posada, who was in charge during his lifetime of creating literary skulls and illustrations where, in an ironic or funny way, death was involved, being the beginning of what would be the Mexican culture about the Day of the Dead.

The skull costumes on the Day of the Dead

On the Day of the Dead, everyone is dressed in a skull or has some kind of garment that reminds us of Catrina, which is nothing more than death represented in a fun way, making Mexicans feel familiar with her and not afraid of her. In addition to their skull costumes, women usually wear skull masks, but if you want to leave a visual impact wherever you go they also usually use professional makeup, with many colors and accessories that will make you look like the Catrina.

Many people take into account that during this day of commemoration of the death and memories of their relatives the objective is not to scare others, so many opt for funny costumes that are more in line with the style of these days. These costumes come in all sizes and colors and can be worn from the most grandfathered in the family to a child.

There are soft skull costumes, perfect for little girls as scary costumes for the children of the house, depending on each person’s style there is a skull costume.

Should I buy skull costumes?

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